Staff Campaign Exceeds Goal

Campaign chair Paloma Harbour and Jennifer Hoppough draw for a pair of Alaska Airline tickets at the Staff Campaign wrap-up event.
UA Foundation President Mary Rutherford addresses the crowd at the wrap-up event.

Seventy percent participation in annual giving drive

There was plenty to celebrate at this year's wrap-up event for the annual Statewide Staff Campaign. In addition to a wonderful spread of cookies, fruit and coffee, and the coveted Alaska Airlines tickets door prize, all statewide employees had something to feel proud about.

This year's Statewide Staff Campaign participation goal of 67 percent was an aggressive one. The entire cabinet was concerned about meeting a goal two percent above last year's, considering this period of economic difficulty and national financial uncertainty.  But the University of Alaska Statewide staff, being the wonderfully generous people they are, not only met that goal but exceeded it, achieving an unheard of participation level of 70 percent! This level of giving by staff is truly exceptional and is just one indicator of why this is such a special place to work. The national average of staff giving is in the range of 15-17 percent.

Thank you Statewide staff for your incredible generosity and commitment to this university and the students who will benefit from your gifts. You deserve to feel proud of what you accomplished this year.

Also take a moment to recognize the campaign cabinet members and the foundation staff who worked tirelessly on this campaign. Through their efforts, and your generosity, this year's campaign was an overwhelming success.

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