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July Salary Grid Increase

In their adoption of the budget at the June meeting, the Board of Regents approved a 4.5 percent grid increase for the Staff Salary Schedule.  This serves as the salary adjustment for staff in FY10.  For temporary employees, the Board approved a 2 percent grid increase for the FY10 Temporary Staff Salary Schedule.  Pay increases are effective July 5, 2009 and employees will see the change in their July 31, 2009 paychecks.  FY10 staff salary schedules have been published and may be found online at:  http://www.alaska.edu/classification/salary-schedules/.

Future Modifications to the Salary Grid Format
Work also is underway on a reformatted salary grid that will be presented to the Board of Regents at the Sept. 24-25, 2009 meeting in Juneau. Implementation is planned for January 2010.  The new format will include standardized 1 percent increments throughout the ranges, rather than the current 3 percent, 2 percent and 1 percent format.  The 1 percent grid format provides more consistent and equitable salary increases, regardless of an employee’s step placement.  It also eliminates the labor intensive and time-consuming system modifications involved in restructuring and renumbering the entire grid every time there are salary range changes.

Once the new grid is in place, future grid increases and other adjustments would be subject to annual review and approval by the Board of Regents. University Regulations addressing related salary practices (e.g. promotion, reclassification, advanced placement, in-grade adjustments) also will be reviewed and modified as needed to be consistent with the new grid format and numbering system.  

Information, including  FAQs, will be posted on the Statewide HR website over the summer as work on the grid progresses; proposed changes will be reviewed by the Human Resources Council, Business Council and Governance. Questions or comments should be sent to SW Compensation at syhrcd@alaska.edu.

Personal Wellness Profile Results

WIN for Alaska provided the UA Joint Health Care Committee with the results from the Personal Wellness Profile. The PWP is a brief online health questionnaire that takes various lifestyles and health factors into consideration, including personal/family medical history, nutrition, stress, biometrics and many more measurements of health risks. A summary report containing no personal information or identifiers can be reviewed HERE.

ComPsych Webinars

UA's Employee Assistance Program provider, ComPsych, will conduct a series of upcoming webinars on a variety of topics. 

The webinars are free and accessible to UA employees who have a personal computer with internet connection and a telephone to join the audio.  The sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes.   Course descriptions, registration and webinar instructions are available at the Statewide Office of Human Resources website http://www.alaska.edu/hrtraining/e-learning/compsych-learning-events/ :

  • Becoming a Better Listener - August 5, 2009 @ 11:00 am
  • Becoming a Team Player - September 2, 2009 @ 11:00 am

Registrants will receive a reminder email 24-48 hours prior to the session and handouts if available.  Please obtain supervisory approval to attend a webinar held during your work hours to ensure proper coverage at your worksite.

NOTE:  Be sure to test your browser prior to the webinar. Type or copy content.conferencing.com into your browser (www is not needed). There will be a brief delay while the system tests your browser for compatibility. Upon completion of the Compatibility Test, the last three (3) boxes should say “Passed.”  If not, follow directions on the message or contact your Campus Call Center or Helpdesk for assistance. 

If you have questions about the webinars, contact Anne Sakumoto  anne.sakumoto@alaska.edu (907) 786-1432 or Nick Whitmore  Nick.Whitmore@alaska.edu (907) 786-1411.

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