Simulated airplane crash at UAA

On Tuesday, July 28, the UA Office of Risk Management hosted a disaster exercise at UAA that simulated that a twin-engine aircraft crash-landed onto the West Campus. The functional exercise, designed by UAA Emergency Manager Ron Swartz, tested the administrative response team’s ability to establish an Emergency Coordination Center following a serious incident on campus.

Members of the Campus Response Team (CRT) were evaluated in their incident coordination efforts, as well as the ability to get timely and accurate information out to the stakeholders who need it.

After 2 hours, the CRT Level Two team came to the center and a transfer of command was administered. All relevant resources to be called upon, such as city fire crews, hospitals, university student affairs, and facilities and campus services, were simulated by actors on the other end of the telephones and radios, and all in real time.

The exercise allowed officials the opportunity to practice Incident Command System protocols, use of forms and terms, and interagency cooperation under stressful conditions. This functional exercise was sufficient in duration to get university leaders thinking about logistics and planning for recovery operations following a serious event.

A debriefing was held at the end of the third hour, to determine what lessons were learned and how the emergency plans can be improved. Swartz will issue an After Action Review in August.

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