Pete Kelly moves to Governor's office

Pete Kelly, UA’s director of state relations, left UA Aug. 14 to join the administration of Gov. Sean Parnell, where he’ll serve as a special assistant focusing on the UA System and the state departments of  Education, Labor and Natural Resources. Kelly worked for the UA System for almost six years.

Kelly served eight years in the Legislature beginning in the mid-1990s--two terms in the State House and one in the Senate.  Kelly said he was honored Gov. Parnell asked him to serve as a special assistant, but added that he’ll miss working with everyone at the university.

Kelly joined the university in October, 2003. The state relations position requires a keen knowledge of the legislative and budget process, in addition to understanding the university’s internal budget process.  Kelly reported regularly to administration and governance groups regarding fiscal and legislative matters. He kept the university community updated through regular email communications and postings on the UA website during legislative sessions.

Vice President for University Relations Wendy Redman said she’s still evaluating  options for replacement.

John P. Mitchell

August 17, 2009

Technical Lead
Identity and Access Management

John comes to statewide from ARSC and has worked previously in OIT as well as in the private sector.  He has wide experience as a system administrator, analyst and programmer, and specific expertise in technologies in use in IAM including Kerberos, PKI, and SAML.

John will be providing technical support of and further development of the provisioning of UA digital identities, enterprise directory (EDIR), Shibboleth single-sign-on, and federation through InCommon.  You can follow progress of these efforts to simplify secure access to information resources while enhancing security and privacy on the IAM web site: http://www.alaska.edu/oit/iam

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