Meeting brief: August 12

SAA addressed several important topics of business during the August meeting. These will be reported  in further detail in the September issue of SAA Highlights.

Kate Ripley and Carla Browning, of UA Public Affairs and UAF Marketing and Communications, respectively, explained why the sdbutro email has been added to the UAFstaff-L listserv, the email list for all UAF Employees. The purpose is for better internal communication. While Statewide employees aren't administratively part of UAF, many Statewide employees work on the UAF campus, so issues affecting UAF employees often affects Statewide employees.

The primary issue is crisis communication, but also campus building or road information that affects employees working on the UAF campus. The sdbutro email list also includes Statewide employees that work in the College Road building and K-12 Outreach, on University Avenue.

James Elieff came to the meeting to clarify the plans for providing OIT support to Statewide employees in Anchorage. Currently, Anchorage Statewide employees still call OIT for Help Desk support, and some tickets are dispatched to UAA. In the future, all tech support will be done at UAA for Anchorage Statewide employees. Billing details are being worked out and information will be sent out prior to the change in Help Desk support protocols.

Chief Human Resources Officer Beth Behner provided an update on tentative staff compensation adjustments for FY11. She also reported on discussions by the HR subcommittee on Staff Evaluation, which is working on developing a systemwide tool for evaluation and compensation processes. There are no definitive plans or a specific timeline at this point.

SAA President Kim Eames in her report gave an overview of the discussions she's had with administrators, and reported on current Staff Alliance actions.

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