Proposed disc golf course at UAF

A small group of interested campus staff in Fairbanks, including Facilities Services, UAF Risk Management, Wood Center Student Activities, Student Rec Center and the Campus Planning Committee, have been gathering to discuss the possibilities of setting up a Frisbee golf course that can be played in and around the campus area. So far, an 18-hole, par 3 course is under consideration.The concept is for the course to touch all points of campus, so that no matter where you are, a game can be started at any point. The course is designed as a par 3 to reduce the risk of any damage by long, wild disc throws!

The group is consulting with local Frisbee golf enthusiast Cameron Chase about course design and hole placement. However, the process of developing a course on campus is riddled with variables. Flight of discs, pedestrians, buildings (existing and future) and traffic are primary concerns. Also in discussion are issues of personal safety, maintenance and funding.

The course is being considered only for areas of campus that are primarily open areas. Presently Facilities Services is willing to install and provide maintenance for the course, treating it as if it were part of the greater UAF trail system. UAF Risk Management will walk-through the current plan this Friday to ensure safety issues are taken into account. After that, the plan will be forwarded to UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers for approval. (Rumor has it that his son is a Frisbee golf player, so the committee designed the course through the chancellor's yard!)

The cost of the course will be a one-time fee of $400 per hole. Organizers are looking for departmental/program sponsorship for each of the 18 holes. Sponsorship names will be included on hole signage, and each of the 18 baskets. Three of the holes will be designed around the Butrovich Building. Please contact Kate Wattum at extension 8104 if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

The tentative course trail is illustrated on the accompanying map in red. Each specific hole has not yet been identified.

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