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G-Day...It's a Piece of Cake

Otherwise known as G-Day, April 14 at UAF’s Wood Center marked the official kickoff of a project that includes migration of nearly 20,000 OIT maintained and supported email accounts to the new Google supported Google Apps @ UA interface. Click here to find out MORE...

Make the switch

How to opt-in to the new GMail @ UA

Opting-in typically takes just a few minutes. First, visit the Google Apps @ UA opt-in page. After submitting the requested information, including your UA Username and password, an account request is sent to Google and usually within one business day you will be� notified via your old email address that your Google Apps @ UA account is ready to go. Then within 24 hours, all mail from the old account is automatically transferred over to the new Google account and at that time the @uaf.edu or @email.alaska.edu account becomes inactive. However, any messages sent to the old address will forward to the new @alaska.edu address for six months after your initial opt-in. Be aware that any vacation or mail forwards from previous accounts will need to be reset in the new Google Apps account, the address book from the old account will need to be exported, and listservs will need to be notified of the change of address. If you are interested in setting up a desktop mail client to view email, OIT suggests following instructions at google.alaska.edu. In the far right column note the “Instructions for Configuring Your Desktop Email Client” link. Here you’ll find instructions on how to easily set-up a desktop mail client. Finally, for any opt-in questions the OIT Support Center is an excellent resource, along with Google’s extensive set of help and learning tools.

OIT Tip of the Month

Curious about how to use Google Apps for Education?

Google updates their product so rapidly that the best way to keep up is to visit:

Google Apps Training

and the

Google Apps Help Center

OIT maintains a list of the questions most frequently asked of the Support Center at: the GAE

Gateway Page

OIT Training Schedule

Click here to download the May training schedule as a Word document.

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