Pets and People

This past summer, a butterfly landed on my husband's shoe and he miraculously not only guided it onto his hand, but grabbed the camera to boot. Two of our sons, Reece, 4 (left) and Riley, 5 (right) were amazed! I love the expressions on their faces. Photo by Briana Walters
This is a picture I took of my cousin Hank Elvis. Photo by Julie Dowdy
So here's my cat "Bugs"...as you can see, he's quite photogenic :-) Photo by Jeannine Senechal
A photo of my parents' black cat, Harley. He likes to hang out on the top of their cabinets and pretend he's a gargoyle. He usually peers down at you, but I caught him with his eyes closed. Photo by Cathy Earp
My Reflection- Museum of Modern Art at San Francisco. Photo by Ron Swartz
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