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Federal Withholding Information

2009 W-4 Federal Withholding Information

The information you provide on your W-4 form determines the amount of Federal income tax withheld from your pay.  You are required to complete a new W-4 for 2009 if:

- you claimed "Exempt" status on your 2008 W-4
Note:  If a 2009 W-4 form claiming "Exempt" is not submitted by February 15, 2009, the Federal filing status will default to "Single, with zero withholding allowances."
- you claimed 10 or more exemptions on your 2008 W-4
- your exemption allowances have changed since you filed your last W-4

If any of the above conditions apply to you, please file an amended W-4 form with your campus Human Resources office by December 5, 2008, if you want the changes to be in effect for the first payday of 2009. 

For more information, contact your campus Human Resources office or refer to the W-4 Information page at http://www.alaska.edu/hr/procedures/payroll/w4info.xml.

UAA Human Resources               UAF Human Resources
(907) 786-4608                             (907) 474-7700

UAS Human Resources               GI Human Resources
(907) 796-6507                              (907)  474-6010

Statewide Human Resources
(907) 450-8200

"Wellness Wheel" from the Upper Iowa University

WIN for Alaska

Each month WIN for Alaska sends an announcement for the newsest UA Health Link newsletter to your inbox. If you are not receiving these announcemnts you are missing out on important information about your health and programs available to you as a Statewide employee. Keep tabs on your health with WIN for Alaska http://www.winforalaska.com/uahealthinaction/home.html

Wellness Survey

Dear Health Plan Participant,

The Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC) is in the process of examining the
structure of the University's Wellness Program. With your input, we will
continue developing a program that provides wellness opportunities that will
motivate you to make wise, informed health care decisions.

The ultimate aim of a wellness program is to provide incentives and tools to
help control chronic conditions and redirect unhealthy life choices. To
facilitate this process, the JHCC needs your participation in this quick
survey to determine your interests and ideas about wellness. We are also
interested in the types of incentives that would best motivate you to start
and maintain a healthy life style.

Click here to take survey

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