What’s the story on cell phone hotspots?

Contrary to popular belief, cellular phone hotspots are the most immediate and easiest way to get internet access and nearly all of the cell phone providers have waived any cost to increase data plans to enable hotspots. MiFi’s are in high demand and there are very few to distribute; the nation as a whole is on back-order and it could be months until more devices are available. To ensure MiFis are available for those folks who have absolutely no other option, cell phone hotspots are the better choice for our community.

How do I set up a cellphone hotspot?

Learn how to set up a Personal Hotspot for iOS and Android devices.

Explore the promotions, and deals from internet and cell phone providers for COVID-19 relief:

Internet Options

What if internet coverage is not available where I live?

In this case, the best approach is to use your own phone and request increased data from your provider at no-cost, if that is not offered, UA employees working from a remote location may receive a taxable allowance to offset the incremental cost of internet connectivity for business use. The allowance must be for business needs and is not intended to reimburse employees for existing internet capacity or for personal use.
Form to apply for the allowance
More info about the authorizing procedure.

How do you know if the cell phone hotspot is good enough?

There are substantiated reports that using existing cell phones as hotspots is found to be faster than conventional internet connections in some areas of Fairbanks.

Test your internet connection speed

My cell phone hotspot or home internet connection is not as fast as on-campus network

If you’ve already explored the free upgrades available to you through your provider and are still experiencing limited internet connections, here is a list of resources to explore to optimize what you have available. 

Tips and tricks to make the most of your current setup. 

Optimizing Zoom Sessions

Learn about options optimizing  Zoom sessions, including a video walkthrough