Travel Card Program

UA Card

Travel Agency Card
  • Held by Corporate Travel Management (CTM)      
  • Covers airfare that is purchased through Concur
 UA Travel Card  
  • Held by the traveler
  • Covers all business travel related costs


University paid
  • Reduces monetary burden to the traveler.
  • Eliminates the payment of in-state hotel/lodging taxes.
  • Provides access to Alaska Air state contract rates.
  • Eliminates late payment fees and interest charges.
Transactions feed directly into Concur   
  • Reduces data entry.
  • Streamlines administrative processes.
  • Transactions are reconciled upon completion of expense report (no need to use PaymentNet)
Increased reporting  functionality
  • Help monitor transactions that are not reconciled.
  • Help manage the travel program.
  • Leverage our buying power with vendors.
Easy repayment method
  • Payroll deduction to reimburse university if charges exceed per diem allocation or include personal expenses (and can't be  offset by other reimbursable).

University employees should receive tax exempt status in Alaska while traveling on university business. We receive tax exempt status because the university is a political subdivision of the state. 

The following documents can be useful if you are asked by a hotel to provide details explaining the university's tax exempt status:

IRS University Tax Exempt Letter

State of Alaska Tax Exempt Letter

Political Subdivision Informational

Anchorage Room Tax Website

Anchorage Tax Exempt Memo

Ketchikan Tax Exempt Card