d. Lodging

  1. Lodging expense is the cost incurred for an overnight stay while in travel status.
  2. Reimbursement of lodging expenses is at actual cost.   
  3. The individual with expenditure authority has the responsibility to determine the most appropriate and cost‐effective rates considering federal lodging allowances and the business need. 
  4. Reimbursement of actual costs for lodging in excess of 1.5 times the federal lodging allowance rate requires a business substantiation.


e. Non-commercial lodging rate

A non‐commercial allowance equal to 15 percent of the short‐term federal lodging allowance rounded up to the nearest dollar may be utilized when the circumstances of travel are such that the traveler can reasonably be expected to incur expenses comparable to those arising from the use of non‐commercial subsistence facilities such as field camping, state camps, university facilities, staying with friends or relatives, or other accommodations, and the rate reasonably approximates the cost of obtaining the service. Non‐commercial lodging can be reimbursed at the actual cost incurred when a receipt is provided.