Travel Request

Concur Process

Concur's request replaces the paper TAAR (Travel Authorization and Advance Request) form for University employees.

  • Employees will fill out the header information, which includes a name for the trip, start and end dates, destination, purpose and description, traveler type, budget account information, additional information, and cash advance*
  • In addition, employees will indicate estimated expenses for the trip.
  • Once submitted, the Travel Request will be routed for approval to the appropriate budget account approvers. Risk management and vice president will approve when necessary.

If you are an approving manager, you will receive an email shortly after a traveler submits a trip that requires approval.

  • You can log on and approve/reject the trip via email or mobile device.
  • On the Travel home page, on the Trips Waiting Approval tab.
  • On the Concur home page, in the My Tasksarea in Required Approvals.

*Note: Cash advances will only be issued in special circumstances. Not all users have ability by default.  Contact your campus travel administrator to gain access to request an advance.