The Stone People Who Live in the Wind

By Hallendy, Norman

128 pages, 8 x 9, 90 color photos

Format: Paper

Price: $19.95

Published: 2009

For centuries, Inuit and their ancestors have been building beautiful rock structures across the Arctic and sub-Arctic. These mysterious stone figures are best known as inuksuit. But not all Inuit stone figures are inuksuit; a better general word is tukiliit (singular tukilik). In Inuktitut, this refers to all meaningful stone objects, anywhere in the world. Tukiliit features ninety stunning images of these unique objects created in ancient and recent times, alongside Hallendy’s thoughtful insights into what inuksuit are, why the Inuit build them and what they can tell us about life and death in the Far North.


“Hallendy…writes with a warm familiarity and engaging style, illustrating the text with fine photographs…This is a book of fine art and powerful beauty.”
Library Journal

“Deep knowledge and understanding of the Inuit come magically to the fore in this book. It is a treasure to own.”
Above & Beyond Magazine

"Hallendy is clearly a master of both the written word and the visual image. With his stunning photographs as a backdrop, and a narrative that is both highly informative and profoundly respectful, his erudition and love for his subject shine through this book. In short, he has produced an eloquent and powerful tukilik."
Astrid E. J. Ogilvie, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research