Stanley Dayo - Manley Hot Springs

A Biography

By Yarber, Yvonne (editor)
        Madison, Curt (edotpr)

11 x 8.5, 116 pages, index

Format: Paper

Price: $10.95

Published: 1985


"All the big stampedes were over by the time I hit the country, but the camps were still going pretty good. Fairbanks was a big camp with the dredges in there. Eight or ten of them working. This camp, Manley, was a good one and Livengood, Circle, all over. They were still doing a lot of mining. No big wages though. Five dollars a day. Or six for long ten hour days. Some places they was working you twelve. And you had to work, too. Hard work. No bulldozers them days. Couple years later they started bringing them in."