Skijor With Your Dog

Second Edition

By Hoe-Raitto, Mari
Kaynor, Carol

318 p., 16 x 9

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Price: $17.95

Published: 2012

Skijoring, or being pulled on skis by a dog in harness, is a great sport in which almost everyone—and almost any breed of dog—can participate. It requires little beyond a pair of skis and a dog with a desire to pull. The second edition of this popular and practical guide to the sport covers what equipment is needed, how to teach a dog to pull, and how to work with your dog year-round. Although it is geared toward beginners, Skijor with Your Dog offers plenty of useful information for experienced skijorers as well, including racing tips, how to involve children, how to camp and travel with dogs, and how to train for competition. The book also covers canicross, bikejoring, and other ways to work with dogs when there’s no snow. With this book in hand, readers will have all the information they need to begin enjoying the outdoors with their dogs in a whole new way.

Mari Høe-Raitto has been competing in Nordic-style mushing since the age of fourteen. She is a certified Nordic ski instructor and teaches outdoor skills at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska.

Carol Kaynor has written articles on skijoring for DogSport Magazine, Dog World, and Mushing magazine, among others. She is a limited-class sprint musher and has been a member of the Alaska Dog Mushers Association since 1985.


This is an invaluable basis for learning to enjoy your dog and skijoring.
Susan Butcher, four-time Iditarod champion

Even after hundreds of miles covered both recreationally and competitively, I continue to refer to [Skjor With Your Dog] as a review on recommended training and feeding regimens, dog psychology and more and it remains a part of my treasured dog book collections.
Mushing magazine