Sharing Our Pathways

Native Perspectives on Education in Alaska

By Barnhardt, Ray (editor)
        Kawagley, Angayuqaq Oscar (editor)

366 p., 6 x 9

Format: Paper

Price: $20.00

Published: 2011

Originally published in the Sharing Our Pathways newsletter of the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative, the essays in this volume describe school reform strategies, curricula, and pedagogical practices that incorporate the indigenous knowledge systems of Alaska Native peoples into the formal education system. Individual sections consider contributions from or inspired by, among others, the Yup’ik, Tlingit, Unangan, Athabascan, and Iñupiaq tribes. Covering ten years of pioneering education initiatives, this comprehensive collection will simultaneously prepare Alaska Native students for the future while preserving and strengthening their ties to the past.