Ollie's First Year


By London, Jonathan
        Van Zyle, Jon (illustrator)

32 p., illustrated in color throughout, 10 x 8

Format: Cloth and paper

Price: $45.95

Published: 2014

It’s easy to find joy in a playful, agile creature that enjoys sliding on its belly. River otters are among the most adorable, charismatic animals in North America, and with a territory that spans the continent, they’re a far-reaching favorite. Ollie’s First Year is a lively wildlife adventure that captures the wonder and delight elicited by the playful otter.

The book follows Ollie the Otter through a year of new experiences, from swimming lessons to foraging practice, and through capers with his littermates. His budding knowledge of the world is put to the test when he is separated from his family and must travel through the forest alone. Luckily, a joyful reunion with his family awaits.

Longtime children’s book author Jonathan London and well-known Alaska illustrator Jon Van Zyle team up again to bring Ollie’s story to life with vibrant illustrations and text perfect for ages 2–6. Author notes about otter biology and habitat along with tips for keeping their environment safe will teach younger readers about wildlife and inspire them to protect it.


"The text by Jonathan London is gently educational about the life cycle of these beloved animals, showing it through the playful behavior of Ollie. He splashes his way in and out of the river and even gets briefly lost for a bit of drama."
Alaska Dispatch News