Long View, The

Dispatches on Alaska History

By Coen, Ross

225 p., 53 halftones, 5 x 7.75

Format: Paper

Price: $18.00

Published: 2011

Too often the history of a place is reduced to a list of dates and a handful of major events, ignoring the daily stories that help shape its legacy. In The Long View, Ross Coen stops to explore the smaller yet extremely meaningful moments in Alaska’s past, and in doing so he builds a history unlike any before. This collection of Coen’s columns from the celebrated Ester Republic allows readers to see how short snapshots of everyday life can come together to create a true picture of the unique experience of living in Alaska. Covering everything from mail order brides to failed rocket launches and true political intrigue, Coen’s engaging writing makes the history of Alaska accessible and entertaining.

Ross Coen is a historian who writes about the social, political, and environmental history of Alaska. He is the author of Breaking Ice for Arctic Oil: The Epic Voyage of the SS Manhattan Through the Northwest Passage.