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Wildflowers of Unalaska Second Edition

A Guide to the Flowering Plants of an Aleutian Island

by Golodoff, Suzi

167 halftones, 1 map, 5.5 x 8.5

Format: paper

Price: $24.95


In the Aleutian Islands, wildflowers are king. Persistent low temperatures mean trees are unable to thrive, and so swaths of open tundra serve as the dramatic stage for a stunning variety of flowers. Wildflowers of Unalaska Island is the only guide to this flora, covering more than 160 species of flowering plants in a backpack-friendly book.

Each species is introduced and clearly defined and is accompanied by a photograph and line drawings. Many of these plants occur across a wide area of coastal Alaska—others are unique to the Aleutians. The introduction includes background on the unique geologic history, climate, and habitats of the archipelago to fully round out the user’s appreciation of the dramatic environment in which these hardy plants thrive.

Accessible to lay readers and serious botanists alike, Wildflowers of Unalaska Island is an eye-opening glimpse into these hardy yet beautiful Alaskan flora.

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