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Alaska at 50

The Past, Present, and Next Fifty Years of Alaska Statehood

by Kimura, G. W. (ed.)

304 pages, index, 6 x 9, 50 historical photos

Format: paper and electronic, click on "Buy this Book" for pricing options

Price: $24.95


A limited number of out of print, cloth copies are still available through the Fairbanks office for $30 each. If interested, please call 1(888)252-6657.

Alaska at 50 commemorates Alaska's statehood anniversary with essays from some of today’s most noteworthy writers and researchers. Divided into the areas of art, culture, and humanities; law, economy, and politics; and environment, people, and place, it is comprehensive in its scope. Editor G.W. Kimura has assembled an impressive cast of contributors. Each had the freedom to be as creative and bold as his or her topic and expertise allowed. When their individual insights are gathered together in this timely volume, the resulting mosaic is an eloquent portrait of Alaska since statehood and a thought-provoking vision for the next fifty years. Listed here in alphabetical order, the esteemed contributors to "Alaska at 50: The Past, Present, and Next Fifty Years of Alaska Statehood" are: Susan A. Anderson, Carrie Irwin Brown, George Cannelos, Jocelyn Clark, Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Ann Dixon, Danna Fabe, Phyllis Fast, Vic Fischer, Sven Haakanson, Jr., Veldee Hall, Mark Hamilton, Eric Heyne, Gary Holthaus, G. W. (Greg) Kimura, Nancy Lord, Dennis Metrokin, Jason Metrokin, Ken Ostercamp, Tadd Owens, James Ruppert, John Shively, Peggy Shumaker, Ronald Spatz, John Straley, Raymond Voley, and Charles Wohlforth.

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