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Words of the Real People

Alaska Native Literature in Translation

by Fienup-Riordan, Ann (ed.)

Kaplan, Lawrence D. (ed.)

312 pages, bilingual translations, 4 maps, 2 halftones, index

Format: cloth

Price: $49.95


Indispensable for readers of Alaska Native and American Indian literatures.

Shari Huhndorf, University of Oregon

Words of the Real People collects the life stories, poetry, and oral literature of Alaska's Native speakers of Yupik, Inupiaq, and Alutiiq. This anthology, edited by anthropologist Ann Fienup-Riordan and linguist Lawrence Kaplan, includes ancient tales passed down for generations as well as new traditions that Alaska Natives are creating for the twenty-first century.

Accompanied by background essays on each Native group, the literature in this collection embraces Native Alaskan life in its richest forms. From tales of malevolent shamans to the poetry of the urban experience, Words of the Real People is a critical contribution to Alaska Native literature.

Contributors include Herbert Anungazuk, Esther Ilutsik, Deanna Kingston, Tom Lowenstein, Edna MacLean, Elsie Mather, Marie Meade, Vera Metcalf, Phyllis Morrow, Cathy Moses, Tadataka Nagai, Carol Omnik, Patricia Partnow, Alice Rearden, Willem de Reuse, Sophie Shield, Susie Silook.

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