Imam Cimiucia

Our Changing Sea 

By Salomon, Ann
       Huntington, Henry
       Tanape Sr, Nick
       Williams, Lisa (photographer)

123 p, 33 color plates, 48 halftones, 18 line drawings, 12 x 7 4/5

Format: Cloth

Price: $39.95

Published: 2011

Through the dual lenses of Western science and traditional Native knowledge, Imam Cimiucia explores the ecological, social, and economic causes of coastal ecosystem change on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Coastal communities there—and the world over—have witnessed dramatic changes in their homes in recent years, and this innovative collaboration brings together the research efforts of marine scientists with the experiences, perceptions, and knowledge of Sugpiaq elders and other village residents whose lives are shaped by the sea. This book offers insight into the resilience—and limits—of marine ecosystems, as well as the vast archive of knowledge and expertise held by different cultures.