Goodwin Semaken - Kaltag

A Biography 

By Yarber, Yvonne (editor)
       Madison, Curt (editor)

11 x 8.5, 86 pages, b&w photos, index

Format: Paper 

Price: $9.95

Published: 1984


"I started to think to myself, 'how am I going to make a living?' I have to live off the country. That's the first thing that come into my mind. And then I had one little baby of my own. Here I couldn't get nothing fresh for her. There was no fresh food that I could buy for her. No fresh milk that I could buy for her. I want a healthy family, so I just had to out every day and kill something for her. Like fish or chicken or ptarmigan, rabbits, willow grouse, or whatever. Some little animal to keep my family healthy. I thought that would be the best thing that I could get for my kids. I had to go out and kill something fresh every day for them. My mother was the same way when she used to go out every day for us. I told my kids that."