Field Techniques for Sea Ice Research


By Eicken, Hajo (editor)
       Gradinger, Rolf (editor)
       Salganek, Maya (editor)
       Shirasawa, Kunio (editor)
       Perovich, Don (editor)
       Leppäranta, Matti (editor)

592 pages, 7 x 10, 218 graphs and figures, DVD

Format: Cloth and electronic

Price: $65.00

Published: 2009

As much as one-tenth of the world’s oceans are covered with sea ice, or frozen ocean water, at some point during the annual cycle. Sea ice thus plays an important, often defining, role in the natural environment and the global climate system. This book is a global look at the changes in sea ice and the tools and techniques used to measure and record those changes. The first comprehensive research done on sea-ice field techniques, this volume will be indispensable for the study of northern sea ice and a must-have for scientists in the field of climate change research.

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"This new book, written and edited by several leading experts, provides a valuable text that describes to the non-specialist how fundamental sea ice measurements are made and how and why data is subsequently handled. . . . There can be no doubt that this volume should be adopted by any Masters or Postgraduate levels researchers beginning a career in sea ice research. . . . Beyond that, I would recommend the book to every biologist or biogeochemist working with sea ice."
Polar Biology

"Such a guide for conducting sea ice research is much needed, given the importance of sea ice variability in the broader global climate and the attention now being paid to the rapid decline of summer ice in the Arctic. The book serves not only as a reference for researchers who design and implement field studies, but also as a summary for interested stakeholders of how our understanding of sea ice in space and time is limited by our ability to measure it. . . . Each contributor provides a unique or original perspective on the need to measure or indirectly monitor a particular set of sea ice variables."

"Hajo Eicken and colleagues have produced an impressive textbook about techniques in field-based sea-ice research, which will serve both students and experienced sea-ice scientists. Such a compilation of standard measurement techniques is much needed in this young field that is fast evolving and increasingly in the spotlight of the public."
Polar Research