Faces of Alaska, Volume 3

Voices Across the State

By Lester, Jean

216 pages, 8.5 x 11, maps, color plates, and photos, index

Format: Paper

Price: $24.95

Published: 2003

This third book in Jean Lester's popular Faces of Alaska series has been much anticipated by Alaskans and visitors alike. Lester is known for her ability to weave her original paintings, oral histories, and historic and contemporary photographs into unique biographical portraits of a diverse group of the state's most intriguing personalities. Her eclectic talents allow her to depict and elicit intimate narratives from a group of people as varied as the land of Alaska--trappers and businessmen, politicians and teachers, Native artists and Russian Orthodox priests. She often painted as they talked, and as the images came alive with their words, their words came alive with the energetic strokes of Lester's brush. Here she brings us another group of Alaskans who have made important contributions to political, cultural, and economic life in the north:

D. A. Bartlett, Debbie Bourdukofsky, Helen (Sandy) Burd, Larry Carr, Rosie Floresca, Barney Gottstein, Ellen Hayes, Robert Henning, Anore Jones, Josephine Jurgeleit, John Kelsey, Martha Kowalski, Marie Laws, Lael Morgan, Walter Newman Fr. Michael Oleska, Betsy Pitzman, Elva Scott, Al Swalling, Alex Tarnai, and Willy Lou Warbelow

Jean Lester lives and works in Ester, Alaska. She studied painting in San Francisco after leaving her native Canada and has lived in Alaska since 1970. She is well known for her images of flowers, people, and landscapes, and her paintings hang in private collections in the United States, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada.