Eskimo Storyteller - The

Folktales from Noatak, Alaska

By Hall Jr, Edwin S.

6 x 9, xvi + 491 pages, illustrations, map, glossary, bibliography, indices

Format: Paper

Price: $26.95

Published: 1999

Now a classic in northern literature, The Eskimo Storyteller brings to life the words of Eskimo elders for a new generation of readers. This collection of folktales from northwest Alaska includes stories populated by amazing creatures, hard-bitten hunters, and strong-minded women. Two master storytellers, Edna Hunnicutt and Paul Monroe, introduce readers to the guiding principles of daily life in the Arctic and chronicle the devastating results when those principles are violated. Elegant line drawings by Claire Fejes illustrate the characters and key events.

The artistic vision of Claire Fejes (1920-1998) was forged in the depression era and tempered by four decades in Alaska. Her bold use of color and form evoke the essence of the North in all its beauty and power.

Edwin S. Hall holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Yale University. He has been honored by the Society for American Archaeology and by the Alaska Anthropological Association. Now retired, Hall devotes his time to research and writing about Arctic Alaska.


"A folkloristic tour de force."
American Indian Quarterly

"The tales are excellent as are the descriptions of Northwest Alaska Eskimo society and culture."
Western Folklore