Common Edible Seaweeds in the Gulf of Alaska

Second Edition

By Garza, Dolly

Format: Paper 

Price: $10.00

For millennia, Alaska Natives have subsisted on the wild edibles—plants, animals, and seaweeds—found in abundance along Alaska's shores. In this book, with the help of illustrations and photos, Dr. Dolly Garza, a Haida-Tlingit Indian, tells how to locate, identify, and prepare several species of seaweeds and one beach plant as tasty snacks and for the dinner table. A University of Alaska Fairbanks professor of fisheries based in Ketchikan, Dolly was raised in Southeast Alaska where her family harvested seaweeds as a diet staple, a practice they continue today. Dolly enjoys sharing her traditional Native knowledge through presentations to local residents, youth groups, and Elderhostel visitors. Now in this book she shares with you her firsthand knowledge about the pleasures of harvesting, preparing, and eating some of the most common and delectable wild edibles found along the Gulf of Alaska coast. More than 25 recipes for seaweed seasonings, snacks, main and side dishes are included.