Altona Brown - Ruby

A Biography

By Yarber, Yvonne (editor)
       Madison, Curt (editor)

11 x 8.5, 128 pages, index

Format: Paper

Price: $14.95

Published: 1983


"One day I come out and hear this funny noise, just like pulling a cork out of a bottle. You know, it makes a big noise. I was wondering what in the world is that. I went over to the portage and thousands and thousands of cranes land right in front of me. Ah, what a beautiful sound. And after they light, they dance.

They're dancing away and I holler at them and sing to them. Same with the geese and ducks. Praise it. Talk to it in Indian. 'Let everyone be well and feed upon you.' Indians used to always talk to the first ducks, geese or anything that comes in. They were so hungry. They praise it so that people would enjoy them and be well in the summertime."