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2000 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
John BockstoceArctic historian; curator; Pres. of Thalassa Corp.D. ScienceUAF
David HopkinsGeol. Prof. - 30 years; founding dir. of AK Quaternary Ctr.D. ScienceUAF
Edward RasmusonAK banker, former regent; philanthropist.D. LawsUAF
Clement V. TillionFisherman; AK Rep.1962-73; Sen. 1978-80D. LawsUAF
James BanksProf. of Ed. at U. Washington - multicultural ed.D. LettersUAF

2001 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
Arthur BuswellProf. and Administrator 1951-71D. LawsUAF
Poldine CarloAthabaskan elder; founding mem. of Fbks Native Assoc.D. LawsUAF
Richard Osbornescientist known for contributions to biological anthropology and medical genetics.D. ScienceUAF
Nathaniel Ruttergeologist; res changes in northern climates; former pres. of Int'l Union of Quaternary ResD. ScienceUAF
Nora DauenhauerAuthor; former Commissioner of AK Hist. Soc.D. HumanitiesUAS
Norman D. VaughanMember of Byrd Exploration of South Pole; dog musher; mountain climberD. LawsUAA
Ethel LundNurse; Pres of Southeast AK Reg. Hlth Consortium; appointed to represent AK Natives on the Pres's Commission on Mental Health.D. LawsUAA

2002 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
John BurnsBiologist; pres. of Living Marine Res.; studies walrus and seals in Bering and Chukchi Seas.D. ScienceUAF
Corey FlintoffNewscaster with NPR; exec prod. of APRND. Hum. LettersUAF
Jaroslav Nesetrillmathematician- mixes math with art. Pub. 4 books and over 250 papersD. Hum. LettersUAF
David SalmonAthabascan Elder; chief of Chalkyitsik and 2nd chief of Int. AK; Author - Athabascan tool making; Geist lecturerD. LawsUAF
Jean RogersChildren's books author: King Island ChristmasD. Hum. LettersUAS
Diana TillionAlaskan artist and teacherD. Hum. LettersUAA

2003 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
Ronald CosgraveFounder and Former CEO of AK Airlines; founder of College Utilities CorpD. LawsUAF
Johannes ErritzoeSelf-taught ornithologist; world authority on several tropical avian familiesD. ScienceUAF
Helen (Frank) AtkinsonBS in Civil Eng.- 1936; former regent and Foundation trustee;Outstanding Alumni awardee in 1987D. LawsUAF
Kenneth "Utuayuk" ToovakInupiat Eskimo; cultural ambassador to researchers for 60 yearsD. LawsUAF
H.A. "Red" BoucherFormer mayor of Fbks. and Lt. Gov.; leader in telecommunicationsD. LettersUAS
Edward AlbeePulitzer Prize winning playwrightD. LettersUAA
Dr. William MillsAlaskan physicianD. ScienceUAA

2004 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
Julie KitkaPres. of Alaska Federation of NativesD. Humane LettersUAA
Jerry Harlan HarperArtistic Director of Eccentric Theatre CompanyD. Humane LettersUAA
Edward Lee GorsuchFormer Chancellor of UAA, Director of ISERD. LettersUAA
Dr. Richard NelsonWriter - human relationships in the natural worldD. Humane LettersUAS
Erma LawrenceAlaskan Haida Indian,.author of Haida DictionaryD. Humane LettersUAS
Austin PostPreeminent, self-made scholar re Alaska glaciers.D. ScienceUAF
John B. (Jack) CoghillNenana mayor 22 years; territorial and state leg.; Lt. Gov. of AK. drafter of the AK constitution. founding member of UAF College of Fellows.D. Humane LettersUAF
Alfred R. KetzlerHelped initiate AK Native Claims Settlement Act and organize TCC - first president; deputy dir. of AFND. Humane LettersUAF

2005 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
Jim ReardenBiologist; author; established UAF Wildlife department; mem. of the AK Fish and Game board and AK Game boardD. ScienceUAF
Major General Jake LestenkofDistinguished military career; Adj. Gen. of the AK Nat. Guard; Comm. of the AK Dept. of Mil. and Vet. Afrs; exec. VP of AFN.D. LawsUAF
Stanton H. PattyJournalist and writer; son of UA Pres. Ernest PattyD. LawsUAF
George Sundborg Sr.Alaska Constitutional Convention delegateD. LawsUAF
John RoderickFormer major of Anchorage; numerious public service positions with State AlaskaD. LawsUAA
Michael CareyJournalistD. LawsUAA
Victor Fischer

Signer of Constitutional Convention

D. LawsUAA
Linda RosenthalViolinist; former music faculty member at UASD. Humane LettersUAS

2006 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
R.T."Skip" WallenArtist; sculptor; conservationistD. ArtsUAS
John L. AhoStructural engineer; born in Anchorage, son of bush pilot;D. SciencesUAA
John PingayakAlaska native from Chevak; TeacherD. LawsUAA
Leland Chancy CroftAttorney, former president and member of the UA Board of Regents, former Alaska Representative and Senator; Senate President, instrumental in establishing the Alaska Permanent FundD. LawsUAA
Joanna BurgerBiology Professor at Rutgers; member of International Ornithological CongressD. SciencesUAF
Sir N.C. ShackletonOceanographic researcher, Cambridge UniversityD. SciencesUAF

2007 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
Carol ComeauAnchorage School District SuperintendentD. LawsUAA
Dr. Tom Nighswander M.D., M.P.H.Adjunct professor of health sciences; Advocate for improving Alaska's healthcare industryD. SciencesUAA
Dr. Arlon R. TussingDistinguished economic analyst and author; Professor of economics at ISER since 1965D. LettersUAA
Catherine AttlaAlaska native linguist; Governor's Award for Arts in 1997D. LawsUAF
Norbert UntersteinerPolar scientist; former Chapman ChairD. ScienceUAF
Hugh SheltonCommencement speaker; 14th chairman of Joint Chiefs of StaffD. LawsUAF

2008 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
Dr. Robert CorellRegarded leader in climate change ressearchD. SciencesUAA
Hugh FleischerAnchorage attorney known for his contributions to the quality of life for AlaskansD. LawsUAA
Larry D. AumillerDinstinguished 30 year career at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game mananging the McNeil River State Game SanctuaryD. SciencesUAF
Bill HolmPreeminent figure in the field of Northwest Coast Native art history and analysisD. Humane LettersUAF
John H. StraleyRespected author; Commencement speakerD. Humane LettersUAF
Richard WienLifetime of volunteering his expertise and assets for Alaskan organizations lifelong AlaskanD. LawsUAF
Dorik MechauCo-Director of the Island Institute in SitkaD. Humane LettersUAS
Carolyn ServidCo-Director of the Island Institute in SitkaD. Humane LettersUAS
Ray TrollRespected national artistD. Fine ArtsUAS

2009 Recipients

NameBiographical InformationDegree AwardedInst.
Eleanor AndrewsLong-time Alaskan business woman and volunteerD. LawsUAA
Lynne BallewDedicated and accomplished advocate for social justiceD. LawsUAA
Peg TilestonSteadfast public servant and guide for Alaska's conservation movementD. LawsUAA
Eric WohlforthRespected leader in the area of public finance lawD. LawsUAA
Annie Cuyngauyar BlueRenowned throughout AK communities as a traditional Yup'ik storytellerD. Humane LettersUAF
Ted StaggGlobal figure in drilling technology; instrumental in developing arctic-grade equipment in AlaskaD. SciencesUAF
Mike StepovichInstrumental figure in Alaska stateood; served in the territorial House of Representatives 1950-1952, territorial Senate in 1952 and was appointed by President Eisenhower as Alaska's last territorial governor 1957-1958D. LawsUAF
Christa Bruce KotreLong-time educator, mentor, international exchange advocate & scholarD. EducationUAS
Laraine DerrUAS advisor board member, UA Foundation Trustee, community & civic volunteer; former UAS School of Business DeanD. LawsUAS
Marlene JohnsonHuna Heritage Foundation board chair; former chairwomen of the Sealaska Corp and the Rural AK Community Action programD. LawsUAS
Herman Kitka Sr.Elder Kaagwaantaan leader, AK Native Brotherhood leader, Native land rights activist and scholar of Tlingit culture, language & traditionD. Humane LettersUAS
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