President's Address

The UA Way to Alaska's Future

The University of Alaska—its students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors, and partners—is impacting the world each day. And we are transforming education. We have created an internationally recognized model for lifelong, individualized learning—we call it the UA Way—for our students to progress through their education on their own terms.

The UA Way is student-centric. Learning is based on innovative educational technologies, and our courses and programs feature strong linkages with our business and community partners.

Whether you are a high schooler in a dual enrollment program, a traditional college student, or an elder returning for enrichment—you will learn and develop the core competencies that support success no matter what knowledge, skill, degree, or certificate you seek.

Alaska is a land of opportunity. Whether your roots run deep into Alaska’s past or you are a newcomer, you can create a meaningful life in Alaska.

The UA Way means we meet your needs, help create your future the way you see it, and ensure that you succeed.

The University of Alaska fuels our students’ success with access to world-class faculty, dedicated staff, future employers, and generous donors. Our faculty include Nobel laureates and industry experts, award winning teachers and successful entrepreneurs. Our staff look for opportunities to make a positive mark on your day. Many of our alumni now lead Alaska’s most successful organizations—businesses, NGOs, hospitals, and schools—and they are looking for UA students to build the future.

We are proud to lead the world in developing novel solutions to problems we face in Alaska and in exporting those solutions across the nation and the world. From responsible natural resource development to e-health care, renewable energy to autonomous transportation, indigenous knowledge to cutting-edge technologies.

We are proud to empower our students to land the jobs they have always wanted, to support them as they create new businesses, to inspire a lifelong love of learning, and to turn today’s innovations into tomorrow’s reality.

We are proud to serve our people and our state. UA isn’t just with you for four years of college. We’re with you as a child and we’re with you as an adult. Every Alaskan will touch UA at various points in their lives.

In 2020 we decided to radically rethink how the university conceives of, and delivers, learning. It’s been a mission we continue daily, challenging ourselves to think anew about how we can serve Alaska, in unique ways, even more deeply.

The many successes we—as a university and a state—have experienced since 2020 to today, in 2040, show what we can accomplish together. We look forward to Alaska’s centennial in 2059. While we can’t know definitively what Alaska will be like then, we do know with certainty that the University of Alaska, and the people it has educated, will be leading the way.