Alaska Is
Your Campus

Alaska has some of the richest environmental diversity, natural resources, culture, and recreational opportunities in the world—from rainforests to Arctic tundra, from ancient indigenous traditions to cutting-edge technologies, from snow sports to surfing, from watching brown bears fish for salmon to viewing the Aurora as it dances across the northern sky. And at UA we give you the tools needed to explore all of them, and more.

Scientists have their field of study right at their front door. Entrepreneurs and innovators find a playground of compelling challenges in information technology, supply chains, engineering, resource management, and energy solutions. And as more and more Alaskan land becomes arable, agriculturalists are exploring how to transform the state into a global breadbasket.

UA is your access point to a wealth of in-state opportunities and communities. Our connections with major firms, and with state, regional, and local government provide easily-accessible internships. Our longstanding relationships with the military create a welcome educational home for members of the armed forces. Since Alaska hosts the Augmented Olympics, extreme sports enthusiasts flock to the state to test their skills. Of course, the small population of our great state is another advantage; everyone is your potential friend and neighbor.

While Alaska offers some of the most exciting opportunities in the world, we also face some of the world's most daunting challenges. We bear the brunt of climate change, the cost of living is high, and the distances between population centers are great. But it’s these very challenges that have made us strong, resilient, and creative, and have made our state a living laboratory for problem solvers.

So whether you're a climber, an economist, a nurse, a fisher, an engineer, or an artist, Alaska is your campus. And UA is building innovative educational models to meet your needs. Wherever you are in life, whatever your passion—join us.

Some of UA's clubs, guilds, and societies, many that are unique to Alaska and the UA system:

  • Whitewater Swim Team
  • Tidal Bore Surfing Group
  • Exoskeleton Fell Running Club
  • Legacy Curling Society
  • E-Bike Alleycat Racers
  • Underhill Alpinists Guild
  • Aurora Nightwalkers Society
  • E-Sports League & Association
  • Drone Pilots' Society
  • High-Altitude Escape Room Players
  • Hydroponic Horticulture Committee
  • Algae Growers & Makers Society
  • Non-Denominational Organic Soup Kitchen
  • Climate Refugee Support Network
  • The LeGuin Poets Society
  • Ancient Tongues Book Club
  • The Denali Debate Team
  • Virtual Student Union