The University of Alaska


A Message From Our President

Alaska is a land of opportunity. Whether your Alaskan roots run deep or you are a newcomer to the state, with the University of Alaska as your partner in learning, you can create a meaningful life here and enjoy the many rich opportunities that are uniquely Alaskan. The University of Alaska makes it possible for you to learn what you want to learn, when you want to learn, and to create your own future through a customized education.


The University of Alaska puts you at the center of everything we do. And Alaska itself—its history, landscapes, and cultures—is integral to how you can learn, play, and explore.

Alaska Is Your Campus

Twenty years ago, in 2020, we transformed our university system from the “old school” model to a future-facing one. Now, utilizing the most forward-thinking science of learning, innovative technologies, and integrated relations with our partners, we are relentlessly committed to a customized, individualized, lifelong student experience.

How We Got Here

See for yourself how our university system shapes itself around your unique learning path: wherever you are in your educational journey, whatever your age, and whatever your goal.


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