Student and Enrollment Strategy

Event Ideas

For counselors/schools participating in College Application Week, here are some ideas for your event. Contact us if you have any you think would make good additions to the list!

Before CAW:

  • Advertise College Application week during other school events. This will help news of the event reach both students and parents.
  • Recruit event volunteers early!
  • Round up donations/giveaways/college-related handouts to give out to students.
  • Don't go it alone! Organize a team at your school to help plan and coordinate the event.
  • College Application Week is about helping students apply to a college they're interested in. If possible, encourage them to research colleges and application requirements before the event.

During CAW:

  • Have the counselors/volunteers wear college-themed apparel. Even better, see if they can wear something from the college they attended!
  • If your school has a homeroom period, see if teachers will allow students to participate during that time.
  • Have other teachers not directly involved in CAW still try to participate somehow. For example, see if they can decorate their classrooms or doors with related materials.
  • Consider hosting an after school event one day for parents and students.
  • Offer "I applied!" stickers similar to the ones used for people who vote at elections.
  • Have students who already applied help other students with their applications and encourage other students to apply.

After CAW:

  • After CAW, figure out how much money the students at your school saved in application fees, and share that information with your school.
  • Have an event later in the year congratulating everyone who applied and/or accepted to college.
  • Send us your suggestions and feedback on how we can improve College Application Week!
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