Stay On Track

15 Credits per Semester or 30 Credits per Year are the Magic Numbers


Determine the number of credits required annually to finish on time.

Your catalog will list the number of credit hours required to complete your degree.   Divide that number by the number of years you plan to attend college.   For example: if there are 60 credit hours required for the associate degree and you want to finish in two years. 60/2 = 30 credit hours per year.


Use Summer, Mini-Mesters, or eLearning courses to keep up.

If you’re caught without enough credits, look at courses offered during alternative semesters. Summer is often less expensive than fall/spring. E-Learning courses are also available during the summer. UAF even offers a winter-mester and may-mester, which are intensive classes, meeting five days a week, between semesters.


Make every credit count.

Not all credits will count toward your degree. Work to balance electives and required courses so all your credits will count.


Use the Transfer Credit Resource Site

If you are considering taking classes at other schools, or even at other UA campuses, hit the UA Student Transfer Credit Resource Site first. Get there from the main page of UAOnline.


Taking All of the Required Courses

Required courses must be taken in order. Lay out a plan so you don’t miss taking a class that is only offered once a year – not every semester. It may be a prerequisite for another class and this will hold up graduation.


Taking Classes at Another UA Campus

Many classes across the UA System transfer from campus to campus, but ask your advisor first, especially as you reach your junior and senior year. Not all courses will transfer toward your degree program.


Understanding Electives

Electives are classes not required by your major that let you broaden your knowledge base.   Take electives that interest you, but keep track of the credits because once you are beyond your limit, they don't count toward graduation.


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