Stay On Track

Create an Academic Plan That Gets You From Here to There

Choose a major early.

Don't know which one? That's OK. The first few semesters you take a lot of general education classes that apply to many majors, so there's plenty of time to explore various fields. Choosing early will help you cut down on classes that won't count toward your degree, and direct you toward the ones that will. Students seeking a bachelor's degree should choose their major by their third semester, and even earlier if you are working towards an associate degree.


Know your degree requirements.

Login the secure area of UAOnline to access DegreeWorks, look at your catalog or hit the on-line catalog to see what classes your major requires. Make certain you reference the catalog from the year in which you were accepted into your degree program.


Compare career paths.

Meet with a career services professional to compare career paths for various majors.


Develop a two-year or four-year degree plan.

Once you have a major and/or minor chosen, calculate the credit hours you need to graduate. Try to take at least 30 credit hours per year, divided between fall and spring semesters. Can't take that many or you need more credits to catch up? Mix in summer session classes, e-Learning distance classes and short mini-mester classes. Always get advice first.


Meet with your advisor and register early.

Prime classes go fast. Develop a draft schedule of the classes you'd like to take, then meet with your advisor. Watch registration deadlines so you can enroll as soon as possible. Enroll online at UAOnline.


Exercise self-discipline.

The easiest way to accomplish your credit goals every semester is to go to class, complete assignments and don't drop a course. Schedule two hours of study time for every hour you're in class.


Choose a mix of classes.

Balance hard classes with easier classes. Enroll in classes you think you will enjoy along with those that might be a chore. Enroll every semester in sequential classes, such as foreign languages and math, until you meet your graduation requirement.


Maintain balance and stay focused.

We want you to enjoy UA by participating in a variety of activities while staying focused on graduation. All work and no play makes for a dull life, but all play and no work makes for a disaster in college. Find a balance.

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