Stay On Track

You Really Need An Advisor And DegreeWorks


An advisor has been trained to help you.

This professional will help you make conscious choices about your education, steer you toward campus resources for your success and teach you to use DegreeWorks to make every credit count.


Discuss your plans for a major.

Plan to discuss your interests if you don’t have a major. During your first few semesters, an advisor will suggest general education classes that will apply to many majors. Actively look for an area of study you enjoy.


Learn about DegreeWorks.

DegreeWorks at UAOnline allows you to estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate.  You can run your own degree audit, view progress to your diploma, and more. 


Develop a multi-semester class plan.

Ask about classes that are NOT offered every semester. Some courses are offered only in the fall or only in the spring. These courses may be pre-requisites for other courses, so you don’t want to miss them when they are offered.


Be open about academic areas of concern.

Tell your advisor about academic areas that concern you.  Advisors can fit you in the right class, help you find a tutor and are aware of many academic resources on campus. This is the person to ask.


If you don’t understand your advisor’s suggestions or are concerned:

Ask for clarification or to see another advisor. Sometimes, it’s a matter of communication style – everyone wants to help you succeed.  


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