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This site is dedicated to providing you with up-to-date information on legislation, UA's budget request and the UA Data & Performance Summary, important dates for committee hearings and other helpful resources. You'll also find briefing sheets on UA priorities, Juneau updates and the SupportUA Listserve.

This site is regularly updated during the legislative session and remains dormant during interim.

Twenty-Ninth Alaska State Legislature:

First Session: January 20, 2015 to April 19, 2015
Second Session: January 19, 2016 to April 17, 2016

2016 Session Advocacy and Budget Information

The latest update...

Stay up-to-date with the Capitol Report by Associate Vice President for State Relations Chris

For current bill status, go to BASIS.

Many documents related to hearings are now being posted on BASIS.  To view committee hearing schedules and any associated documents, go to the "Committee Schedule Query" page on BASIS and fill in the search field for the committee or dates.  Meetings with posted documents will have a link to the right of the meeting titled "Meeting Documents." 

Documents associated with a particular bill can also be accessed from the bill's page in BASIS.  If documents have been posted for a bill, there will be a link titled "Documents" near the top of the page.

How to Participate in a Legislative Hearing:

  • You can follow a legislative hearing through the Gavel-to-Gavel link at the top of this page or at your nearest Legislative Information Office
  • To participate at a legislative hearing in which testimony is being taken or you are an invited witness, go to your nearest Legislative Information Office or dial 1-888-295-4546 to join the teleconference.

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SupportUA Listserve

SupportUA-L is designed to keep UA advocates informed about the University's budget and other legislative matters.  To subscribe to this listserve, please click here!

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