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UA Notary Public Commissions

Through an arrangement with the Lieutenant Governor's Office, University of Alaska employees may obtain notary public commissions at no cost. However, it is the responsibility of the notary's department to purchase the log and seal for their notary. These commissions are limited to University of Alaska employees and are to be used for official university business only. Once approved as a notary public for the university, your name will be placed in a public directory, to aid others in locating you for this service.

Each applicant must read the Alaska Notary Handbook and forward the completed Notary Test, Alaska Notary Commission Application form and Employer Approval form to the System Office of Risk Services.  The System Office of Risk Services will review and approve the application form, and if appropriate, forward it to the Lieutenant Governor's office for completion. The State of Alaska requires original signatures and notary seals, no copies please. The Lieutenant Governor's office will forward approved Notary Certificates to the qualifying employees. Please provide a copy of your certificate to the System Office of Risk Services to be kept on file.

Notary Certificates issued through this process are valid as long as employees are in active employment status at the University of Alaska. The commission dates are open ended commissions. When performing notarizations, you will indicate your commission expires "with office". Upon terminating employment with the university, your notary commission will automatically expire and you are required to turn in your logs, seals and notary certificates to the System Office of Risk Services. If a University employee switches departments you may update your information on the Alaska Notary Commissions Website.  Also you leave the University please email the that you are no longer a University employee.

For additional information, please contact the System Office of Risk Services in Anchorage.

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