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The System Office of Risk Services covers physical body damage sustained to vehicles, up to seven years of age, in accidents occurring on official university business. Coverage occurs only when there has been an accident.. An accident is a sudden, unexpected event, not purposeful, and not due to mechanical failure/breakdown or normal wear and tear. University departments are responsible for a deductible for each and every accident. The deductible is retained by the department responsible for the vehicle at the time of the accident.

This guide provides basic information regarding coverage and the process for filing a claim for auto physical damage. If you are not sure if a claim is appropriate, call System Office of Risk Services.

  • UAF should call 450-8150
  • UAA and UAS should call 786-1140


You must immediately report any accidents that occur during your work for the university to your supervisor, your vehicle fleet manager if you have a leased UA vehicle, and your campus risk management/safety department. Reporting should normally occur the same day, or no later than the next business day.



A claim must be filed with the System Office of Risk Services as soon as possible in order for investigation and determination of coverage to occur. In no event will claims be covered that are reported more than 30 days past the date of the accident. An exception will be made for latent claims made by commercial car rental agencies when the driver was unaware of any damage upon vehicle return. (NOTE: Always check your rental vehicles for damage when you turn them back in!)



The driver of the vehicle must submit a report providing all pertinent information regarding the accident on the Auto Accident Report and Claim Form Insured’s Report, as well as a copy of the trip related TA and expense report. The driver (or department responsible for the vehicle at the time of the accident) must obtain, and send to the Statewide Office of Risk Management, at least two estimates from local body shops for full repair of the damage. Three estimates may be necessary if there is a large disparity between the first two. Estimates must be obtained NO LATER than 30 days from the date of the accident. Failure to provide estimates, or other information requested by the adjuster, within 30 days will result in denial of your claim. Estimates are not required for claims received from rental car agencies.



Covered vehicles include University of Alaska owned and leased vehicles, vehicles rented from commercial agencies, and vehicles for which we are contractually responsible. Vehicles are covered if they are seven (7) years old and newer. Departments maintaining vehicles over seven years old must fully self-insure them, out of their department budget, for physical damage coverage. Mobile heavy equipment such as buses, graders, loaders, etc. are not subject to the seven year age limitation.


UA Owned/Leased

Commercial Rentals


Accidents occurring during personal use of a vehicle

There is no auto physical damage coverage for personal vehicles used on university business.

State law requires all vehicles to be insured for liability coverage by the owner. Auto physical damage coverage is optional. An employee’s private insurance is primary coverage for their own vehicle.

Wear and tear, mechanical failure or breakdown

Cumulative damages (scrapes, scratches, dents) where no identifiable accident has occurred and been reported

Accidents not reported within 30 days from date of occurrence (except latent claims from car rental agencies)

The driver of the vehicle has not completed approved University driver’s training, does not have a clean driving record, or has not fulfilled other campus risk management/safety requirements prior to use of the vehicle

The driver has not received specific approval for use of a vehicle by the supervisor, vehicle fleet manager, or other designated approval authority

Where applicable, failure to obtain a vehicle fleet manager’s signature or driver’s signature when required for driver authorization

This guide does not contain all the information you might need to know about driving on university business. For additional information, see UA travel regulations or contact the System Office of Risk Services.  

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