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Claims Processing Information

All motor vehicle accidents must be reported immediately to local police or state troopers and, if occurring on University premises at Anchorage or Fairbanks, the Campus Police departments. University employees should not accept liability for accidents. Please exchange information with the other party and advise them that the University's claims adjuster will contact them. If an insurance company, attorney, or other outside entity contacts you for information about the accident, please refer them to the System Office of Risk Services.

University employees must submit the following accident report form: Auto Accident Report and Claim Form, UA's Report. The report should be signed and distributed as follows:

  • Original - System Office of Risk Services
  • One copy - Your file
  • One copy - Campus Risk Management/Safety Office

Forms are also available for individuals making a claim against the University for an accident that they believe is our fault: Auto Accident Report and Claim Form, Claimant's Report.

Reporting procedures for all accidents involving the use of your privately owned vehicle on University business are the same as above with the additional requirement that a report of the accident must be made to your private insurance company.

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