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UA Workers' Compensation Insurance


The University is fully "self-insured" (no insurance company is involved) for workers' compensation and must file an application each year with the State of Alaska to certify its ability to fund its claims expenses.  The state certification for UA as a qualified self-insurer can be seen here: Employers' Certificate of Self Insurance


There are two distinct reporting requirements for work related injuries and illness; the State Division of Workers’ Compensation and the Department of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). For more information on reporting for OSHA, see this link: In addition, UA is required, annually, to post a summary of reportable injuries and illness: OSHA's 300A 



General Coverage Information

Workers' compensation is a no-fault insurance which covers medical, wage loss, rehabilitation and other benefits to employees injured or made ill because of work conditions. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandated by law in Alaska under Alaska Statute 23.30. For coverage to apply, the injury or illness must arise out of and in the course of the employment. There are some exclusions; e.g., willful intent to injure another or injuries arising out of intoxication. The University of Alaska also extends workers’ compensation coverage to qualified volunteers.

Under OSHA laws, an employer must also cover expenses arising out of workplace exposures. An exposure is when an individual comes in contact with substances, such as chemicals or body fluids, which are potentially harmful and may result in illness. The goal of treatment, in these cases, is to reduce the risk of illness or infection. Such treatment is covered under UA’s OSHA program rather than under workers’ compensation. Questions regarding exposures may be addressed to any Risk Services Claims Adjuster in Risk Services Claims.  Depending upon the type of exposure, treatment provided by a physician or hospital may include washing or flushing the affected area, antibiotics, immune globulin, vaccines, immunizations, or antiviral medications.


If You Become Injured or Ill

Instructions for Employees

Notify your supervisor right away.   Get first aid or medical care immediately if needed.  

If your injury requires medical attention

You must complete an Employee Report of Occupational Injury or Illness form.   This is the form approved by the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Division.   Print and sign the completed form, then give it to your supervisor.

Because of the personal information required (social security number, birth date), the completed Employee Report should only be transmitted by fax, intercampus delivery, or password-protected email.

If no medical attention is needed

Talk to your supervisor for instructions about the report or forms required by your campus or department.

Instructions for Supervisors

Address the safety and health of the employee first.   If necessary, call for emergency medical services, or make sure the employee has adequate medical care available at a doctor’s office.   

  1. Have the employee complete the Employee Report as soon as possible (see “Instructions for Employees” above).
  2. Complete the Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Illness.
  3. Submit the Employer’s Report AND the Employee Report by fax to:

Risk Services Claims
Fax 907-786-1412

  1. Do not send any reports to the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Division.   Risk Services will file these for you.
  2. If the employee cannot return to work due to the injury or illness, contact your campus Environmental, Health & Safety Office and Risk Services Claims immediately.

If you have questions about work injury or illness claims, or if you need assistance with forms or procedures, contact the Anchorage Risk Services Claims office.

NOTE: If you have an exposure (see General Coverage Information), contact your campus safety office for instruction as each campus has a physician on contract to address these events.


Fatality or Overnight Hospitalization

Under Alaska Statute, Title 18.60.058, if an employment accident is fatal or results in in-patient hospitalization to one or more employees, UA must report the accident orally by phone or in person to the nearest state office of the Division of Labor Standards and Safety or by telephone to the federal toll-free number provided by the division. The report must be made immediately, but in no event later than eight hours, after employer knowledge. Equipment, material, or products related to the injury or fatality may not be moved or altered until clearance is given by the state, except when compliance would interfere for an unreasonable length of time with work or create additional hazards. If equipment, material, or products must be moved or altered before state clearance, the employer shall submit a detailed investigative report of the accident to the division.


Documentation for Second Injury Fund

After hire at the University of Alaska, new employees are asked to complete a previous injury or illness questionnaire. This information is not used in the hiring decision but is maintained in a separate medical file in the Human Resources offices in the event documentation is needed for a second injury fund claim to the State of Alaska. The purpose of the fund is to remove or reduce barriers to employment for disabled individuals. Employers who qualify by reason of an employee’s second injury are reimbursed should certain conditions be met, one of which is documentation of knowledge of a pre-existing disability PRIOR to the second injury occurring and retention of the employee after knowledge of the disability. UA is able to meet this requirement with the Notice of Previous Injury or Illness (use Adobe to open) .

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