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General Coverage Information

The University agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless those it determines to be qualified Volunteers in the same manner and to the same extent the University protects its other agents and employees from any claim, demand, suit for property damages or personal injury including death allegedly caused by the Volunteer's activities if the Volunteer: a) at the time of the occurrence was acting in good faith within the course and scope of his/her volunteer duties in accordance with the directions of the Supervisor; b) provides immediate notice to the University of any claim; and c) cooperates in the prosecution or defense of such claim and does not stipulate to any judgment or settlement without the University's approval.

Individuals who are qualified to receive this protection through volunteer work must meet specific criteria. The System Office of Risk Services and/or the General Counsel Office will determine eligibility for defense or indemnification based, in part, on the following guidelines:

  1. Volunteers MUST be working under the direct supervision of a PAID University of Alaska employee. Supervision by a University employee means that the Volunteer is given the means and the direction for the performance of the work.
  2. An individual is performing work where there is a legitimate need for services. The work for which the Volunteer is being recruited should be productive work for which payment would normally be made.
  3. Volunteers must be engaged in activities related to the business or operations of the University of Alaska. Such activities are defined as work that furthers the goals and missions of the university in education, research, or community service.
  4. Volunteers have the skills necessary to perform the work.
  5. The person authorizing the volunteer services is not a family member or co-habitant of the volunteer.
  6. For Volunteers under the age of 18, written permission must be received from campus risk management offices and from a parent or legal guardian. Contact your local risk management office to obtain this form. At least two weeks of lead time will be needed for the approval process through risk management.

The University's obligation applies only to claims of third parties who are not related to the Volunteer nor members of the Volunteer's household. The University does not insure loss or physical damage to its employees' personal vehicles, equipment, or other personal or real property nor will the University provide property insurance coverage for loss or physical damage to any Volunteers' personal vehicles, equipment, or other personal or real property nor to property of the Volunteer's relatives or household members.

Some examples of qualified Volunteers: Some activities where an individual is not qualified as a Volunteer for purposes of defense or indemnification:
Docents Students in practicum, internship or work study programs
Flower planting or gardening on campus grounds Students on class field trips
Volunteer lecturers Spouses, friends, or family members traveling with a UA employee
Volunteer crafts/trades people who teach a skill in a UA class Spouses, friends, or family members traveling with a UA employee
Models in art classes Performers in theatre, music, dance, or other productions
Enrolled and Accepted 4-H Leaders Participants in club activities
Employees from other Universities or organizations doing joint research with the University of Alaska

If you have a question regarding qualification for Volunteer status, please call your local risk management office.

Injuries to Volunteers must be reported immediately to the System Office of Risk Management by Email or telephone the Anchorage or Fairbanks office.

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