System Office of Risk Services

UA Travel Accident Insurance

General Coverage Information

This policy provides worldwide coverage for University employees and eligible volunteers in travel status on University of Alaska business outside a 100-mile radius from home or regular place of employment.

The following coverage summary is intended to provide a general description of the coverage and does not include all the terms and conditions of the policy. Contact this office if you have specific coverage questions.

Coverage Summary:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits

Assistance Services - Call 1-800-626-2427 inside the U.S. or collect 0-713-267-2525 if outside the U.S.:

    Pre-Travel Assistance

    • Advice on required and recommended immunizations
    • Health information and precautions for medically remote or underserved areas
    • Information for handicapped or disabled travelers
    • Help in arranging special medical services needed while traveling

    Medical Emergency Services

    • Worldwide, 24-hour medical location service
    • Medical case monitoring, arrange communication between patient, family, physicians, employer, consulate, etc.
    • Medical transportation arrangements
    • Emergency message service for medical situations

    Legal Assistance

    • Arranging contact with a local English-speaking attorney
    • Worldwide, 24-hour contact for non-criminal legal emergencies
    • Legal referral to help you locate a consular official or attorney

    Travel Assistance

    • Worldwide, 24-hour telephone contact for advice on handling losses and delays
    • Help with lost passports, tickets and documents
    • Advice on filing travel-related claims
    • Arrange shipments of forgotten, lost or stolen items
    • Relay emergency messages

    Emergency Evacuation

    Repatriation of Remains

Coverage is automatic conditioned upon the appropriate authorization for University of Alaska travel.

Refer to the workers' compensation section for reporting on all University of Alaska employee injuries.

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