System Office of Risk Services

UA Special Event Insurance - For Use of UA Facilities Only

Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)

The University of Alaska offers Special Event Insurance for a wide variety of special events. This coverage is made available to non-university affiliated entities (Event Holders) that request use of University of Alaska facilities but are not able to meet the University of Alaska's insurance requirements.

To access the Tulip Program, please visit:

Enter the actual facility code:

Code 4632 AK - Univ of Alaska Anchorage

Code 4633 AK - Univ of Alaska Fairbanks

Code 4634 AK - Univ of Alaska Southeast

Once you have made a selection, please verify you have the correct location before proceeding to the next step.

Continue to follow the steps to obtain your quote and purchase coverage if desired.

If you have questions or are having trouble accessing the TULIP website, please call 800-333-3231 ex. 2574 and ask for Anita Bruner or Jennifer Monteleone 800-333-3231 ex. 2590.

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