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UA Auto Insurance

General Coverage Information

Vehicle Coverage

The University of Alaska provides liability and physical damage coverage for all of its owned, leased, and rented vehicles and non-owned vehicles for which we are contractually liable.

The State of Alaska law (A.S. 28.22.019) requires that proof of auto liability insurance is carried in all motor vehicles at all times. Because the University of Alaska is self-insured for this coverage, we have developed a Letter of Self-Insurance(pdf) to serve as the required proof of insurance. A copy of this letter should be kept in each UA vehicle for compliance purposes. The letter of self-insurance is effective as of July 1, 2002, and will remain in effect unless our insurance program changes. In that event, an updated letter will be posted.

A special policy is maintained for fire equipment, emergency equipment, and high value mobile equipment. For more information about this policy or to view a list of vehicles currently covered under this policy see Fire and Mobile Equipment.

Employees will not be reimbursed for the purchase of any insurance (also known as Loss Damage Waivers) for rental vehicles. However, such coverage may be purchased for the rental of vans for the transport of athletic teams and equipment, unusually high value vehicles, or other preapproved circumstances (through the campus risk management offices). Vehicle insurance should be purchased for rentals by employees in foreign countries except for Canada. (see University Regulation R05.02.06, Part A.4.e.3).

For privately owned vehicles driven on University business, the University provides liability insurance in excess of the private owner's liability insurance. In other words, the University provides coverage when insurance limits have been exhausted. State law requires all vehicles maintain auto liability insurance. Uninsured vehicles are not allowed to be driven on University business.

Personal Injury

Should injury arise out of a motor vehicle accident, coverage is provided as follows, depending on the status of the occupant of the vehicle:

  • UA employee: Workers' Compensation coverage is provided if the employee was in the course and scope of employment.
  • UA Student: There is no automatic coverage. If the student does not have personal coverage, it is strongly recommended that short term accident coverage, Student Special Risk Insurance, be purchased for the trip through the Fairbanks Statewide Office of Risk Management.
  • Other: There is no coverage for personal injury. The Statewide Office of Risk Management discourages the transportation of nonaffiliated passengers in UA vehicles unless the individual has access to personal accident insurance or is entitled to Workers' Compensation coverage through his/her employer.
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