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Insurance Overview     

The University of Alaska is self-insured for major types of coverage (auto, liability, property, workers’ compensation, etc.) through a pool of funds maintained by the System Office of Risk Services.   Self-insurance means that, rather than paying premiums to an insurance company to cover the cost of claims that might arise, the University has decided to retain that risk and to self-fund those claims.   The University has decided what level it feels comfortable and is able to self-insure, and has then purchased insurance coverage for claims that exceed those high self-insured retentions (deductibles).   As a result, we rarely have claims that exceed our self-insured retentions and seldom have to file claims with insurance carriers.   This process of self-insuring saves the University money in the long run.  

Throughout the year, claims are paid from the risk pool, which is replenished annually by assessments to each MAU based on various exposure bases (property values, number of employees and vehicles, etc.) and claims history.   The assessment is taken off the top of the MAUs’ initial budget.   Therefore, a cost increase at a campus results in less trickle-down of funds to the department level.   It is in everyone’s best interest to keep claim costs to a minimum by proactively working to prevent losses.

Following are some frequently asked questions about coverage under the University’s self-insurance program:




Physical damage for UA owned, leased, and rented vehicles up to 10 years old.


$2,500 Deductible

PROPERTY University owned buildings and permanent structures

University owned property (contents)

$0 Deductible

$1000 Deductible


Includes student medical malpractice $0 Deductible


Employee dishonesty

$1000 Deductible


Grievances, lawsuits, settllements, etc.

$5000 Deductible


Because we are self-insured, we cannot, under any conditions, name additional insureds or waive subrogation on contracts.



Personal property of any kind, unless authorized for use by a supervisor or director for University business.

Coverage is not provided to departments where property has been stolen and there is no evidence of forced entry.
Acts outside of the course and scope of University employment Includes the results of criminal behavior.
AUTO Physical damage to personally owned vehicles unless University negligence caused the damage.

Damage to University vehicles (incidental use of owned or use of rental vehicles) during personal use .
Liability arising out of the activities of student clubs, Greek organizations, and other student social groups These organizations are responsible for their own liability exposures arising out of their activities.   University liability for involvement in these activities is covered.




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