Expedited Academic Review & Administrative Reviews

In FY20 the three universities and Statewide, at the direction of the Board of Regents, underwent an expedited academic and administrative review process. An archive of the documentation, outreach and FAQs can be accessed HERE.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is undergoing additional expedited academic review in the Academic Year 2020-21. Information on that process can be found HERE.

Administration Review 2021

Under the direction of Interim UA President Pat Pitney, administrative reviews are occurring across the university system to analyze the roles and responsibilities of each executive/leadership position.

The goal is to frame a sustainable, stable, core organization by:

  • Identifying opportunities to leverage existing resources
  • Identifying potential areas of savings
  • Creating administrative cost transparency
  • Streamlining and improving back-office processes
  • Investing in IT necessary to automate and improve efficiencies

System office reductions

  • University of Alaska (UA) is a single legal and financial entity created in Alaska’s constitution.
  • Governed by a Board of Regents, UA is a single employer, and the provider of public higher education in the state.
  • The System Office has the fiduciary responsibility for UA as a corporate entity, and to fulfill the Board of Regents’ policy and direction.
  • The System Office provides central services for efficiency and economies of scale. Programs are operated on a case by case basis.