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Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame

The Alaska State Committee on Research (SCoR) created the Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame in 2014 to celebrate and honor outstanding individuals who put Alaska on the map as leaders in innovation and to contribute to Alaska’s growing culture of innovation.

2014-2015 Innovators Hall of Fame
2016-2017 Innovators Hall of Fame
2018 Innovators Hall of Fame

2019 Innovators Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Process

The Alaska State Committee for Research invites interested persons to nominate outstanding science, engineering and technology innovators to be inducted into the SCoR Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame. Nominees selected by SCoR will be members of the 2019 class and will be inducted at the Juneau Economic Development Council's Innovation Summit held in Juneau on February 20-21, 2019. The nomination deadline has been extended to December 21, 2018. Click here for the nomination form. Criteria and instructions are provided below.

The SCoR Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame selection subcommittee will review nomination documents and publicly available information about nominees to develop a list of recommended inductees. The list will then be submitted to the full SCoR committee for consideration and selection. The University of Alaska Vice President for Academics, Students & Research will notify all nominees regarding their selection status.

Criteria for Eligibility and Nomination Procedure

  1. Nominees should have demonstrated innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions or lifetime achievements in their field that have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development, the environment, the welfare of the people of Alaska and/or a global impact.
  2. Nominees will be inventors and innovators in the fields of science, engineering and technology.
  3. Nominees should provide evidence of the impact of their contributions to innovation. Evidence could include patents and licensing, and/or publications, news and articles citing innovative discovery and technology with a significant impact on society.
  4. Anyone can nominate an individual or a team. Self-nominations are not eligible.
  5. A nominee must have been an Alaska resident for at least one year, or have made a significant demonstration of the innovation’s links to Alaska or have conducted research work in Alaska.
  6. Nominators may choose traditional/historic inventions even if the name of an inventor is not known.
  7. Nominations will be accepted from October 1, 2018 - December 21, 2018. The committee reserves the right to hold nominations for consideration in a subsequent year.

To nominate a person for election to the Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame, please submit the following:

  • Personal letter of nomination that describes the nominee’s innovation and its impact, using illustrations and photos as appropriate.
  • Nominee’s contact information
  • Full CV
  • List of references
  • Evidence of the nominee’s impact

All nominations are due by December 21, 2018 (extended deadline). A nominator can nominate a person for election to the SCoR Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame in one of three ways:

  1. Complete the nomination form found at (innovation and its impact, illustration/photos, nominee and contact information, references and evidence of impact) and submit it with the nominee's full CV, and a personal letter of nomination. Additional supporting letters of support will be accepted.
  2. Nomination packets can be submitted via email to, with the subject line "2019 Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame Nomination Packet for [nominee's name]"
  3. All nomination documents, including supporting letters, can be submitted by the nominator in a single packet by mail to SCoR Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame Nomination Committee, c/o University of Alaska Vice President for Academics, Students & Research, P.O. Box 755000, Fairbanks, AK 99775-5000
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