P05.08.022 Records and Information Retention and Disposition

The President or his/her designees will retain and dispose of all correspondence, documents, records, and information which is stored on  various media in accordance with university regulation.

To promote economy, efficiency, and the security of university records and information, the president will promulgate regulations that promote efforts to evaluate periodically:

  1. The length of time that records and information must be retained before disposing or archiving.
  2. Identification and protection of the university’s vital records.
  3. Identification and protection of personally identifiable information maintained by the university.
  4. The systematic methods and procedures for purging and the destruction of records and information that are no longer operationally, legally,  or fiscally  necessary.
  5. Reducing the multiple copies of records.
  6. Archiving or the long-term inactive storage of selected records in computer readable form, digital imaging, on microfilm, microfiche, or other such cost or space saving methods.

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